The Country Village Women’s Club is a great way to get to know other women in the neighborhood. The only requirement to join is to be female and a current or former resident or owner of a Country Village home.

There is a nominal annual dues. The meetings are held from August to May starting at 7:00 p.m. the third Thursday of the month in the homes of the various members who volunteer to host the monthly meeting. (See calendar for where the next meeting(s) will be held.)  Other members volunteer to provide the appetizers, snacks, and desserts.  Wine and other beverages are provided by the club.

The club has spawned a Book Club, Yard of the Month, Gourmet Club, Welcome Wagon, Kids Events with more ideas in the works. The club’s goals are to provide an outlet for neighborhood fellowship, support for the Country Village community and its activities, enjoy interesting programs and speakers, and contribute to local charities.

If anyone is interested in joining the club please contact us by emailing at or by calling 832-372-8382

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Refer to the calendar for details on where the meeting will be held. See you out and about in Country Village! You can also join us on Facebook!

Board Members

  • Brittany Severin- President
  • DJ Moberly- Vice President 832-925-0025
  • Sarah De Haas- Treasurer 281-389-4459
  • Erin Valdez- Secretary

Webmaster: Ana Boa-Ventura

Community Events

  • Amanda Seiler 713-854-5529
  • Brittany Milward
  • Corrie Kennelly 281-685-9235
  • Laura Payne

Yard Of The Month Committee

  • Linda McSwain 281-794-6217
  • Karen Swerdlow

Care Committee

  • Nancy McIntyre

Welcome Committee

  • Open position

Programs Committee

  • Amelie Dufournet 346-754-1272
  • Karen Smejkal

Additional Country Village Community Clubs:

Book Club

  • Sandy Wake

Gourmet Club

  • Sarah De Hass 281-389-4459
  • Amanda Seiler 713-854-5529

Gardening Club

  • Anna Heinzelmann