CVWC November meeting: Meet Russian artist Yulia Drozdova and her Mandalas in ceramic!

Hello Dear Friends! You won’t want to miss this month’s meeting!

We will have artist Yulia Drozdova speak to us about her craft. She owns the company MandalaArtPlayts-Now and dzen. We are so excited about her discussion and can’t wait for you to join!

Mandala is a Sanskrit term used to describe geometric patterns that represent the cosmos through symmetry, complexity, and color. Please visit this article on Houston Press on a past exhibition by Yulia. She also regularly exhibits and conducts workshops at the Russian Cultural Center.  She is one of the artists represented at the wonderful LAUNCH pop-up shop, downtown (Houston Designers).

IMPORTANT: For everyone’s safety, we have new privacy rules. When advertising CVWC meetings, we will just display name of host and street but not full address. Call the CVCW phone # 8323728382 to find out address if you need to – or read it on the evite you received (email of November 7)


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